Accessing personal or other members personal information, without permission or a legitimate purpose, may be an offence under Section 477.1 of the Criminal Code Act 1995.  Access to SAFA information is audited. 

Authorised personnel (e.g. SSO’s, instructors, Regional affiliates) are permitted access to members' information for SAFA legitimate business purposes only.

SAFA legitimate business purposes are limited to:

The access or use of SAFA information by third parties or members for other purposes; including marketing, or commercial activities, are strictly prohibited. 

SAFA does not release members' information for marketing purposes.

Other than authorised personnel, person's may use SAFA specialised applications to check individuals membership status and qualifications.

Section 17 of the constitution of the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia provides guidance on inspection of records by members. Unauthorised data access may result in disciplinary actions which could lead to loss of membership and prosecution.